At Watauga, we research, plan and negotiate all media. Our media planning is grounded in strategy and framed by careful, intelligent research and our plans are backed by secondary research from MRI, Simmons, Arbitron, Neilson, @Plan, ComScore and topic-specific research — from media habits of a target audience to competitive spending of a brand.


We work to balance budget, client needs and strategy to buy media and generate marketing results. We strategically optimize reach in any channel, using our expertise to make the most of every dollar spent. And our media agnostic approach — meaning we have no preference for certain media channels — helps us deliver exactly what our clients are looking for.


Watauga Group - Leslie Osborne - Founder - Partner & Director of Media

Leslie Osborne

& Director of Media

Watauga Group - Neil Romaine - Founder - Partner & Director of Strategic Marketing

Neil Romaine

& Director of Strategic Marketing


We have extensive experience in marketing and media management in industries like hospitality, real estate, financial, restaurants, food service, recruitment and more.


When Home Depot was having difficulties finding diverse, bilingual employees, Watauga jumped in to help. We developed a new way for Home Depot to utilize — taking the traditional recruitment media program and adding a diversity-targeting component. This resulted in a decrease in application costs from $100-$350 per application to an average of $23.57. We’ve continued to work with Home Depot on various projects.


In 2013, The Kessler Collection revamped their corporate and property sites for each of their ten luxury hotels. Watauga was asked to optimize each for Google Adwords to support these new campaigns. With Watauga’s efforts to optimize each site, The Kessler Collection gained over seven times more traffic with just 3.5 times more budget.


In 2013, we helped the Waldorf Astoria Orlando move into the top three results in Google search rankings — after starting with a 30+ rank only two months before. We worked closely with the Hilton Hotel corporate office responsible for the optimization efforts. We developed a focus list of keywords, developed appropriate copy and implemented SEO tactics. We continue to fine tune work together.

watauga-group-case-studies-stevie bs

When the family-oriented Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet asked us to bring fans to their Facebook page, they had only 12,000 fans. Through the use of CPC Tile Ads to promote specials and drive mothers to like their Facebook page for special offers, we increased the fanbase by 70 percent. Through these efforts, we also gathered fans that are more likely to visit the stores more often.


You’ve gotten to know us, and we’d like to meet you as well. Reach out anytime via email, or phone to speak with one of our team members.


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