At Watauga, we research, plan and negotiate all media. Our media planning is grounded in strategy and framed by careful, intelligent research and our plans are backed by secondary research from MRI, Simmons, Arbitron, Neilson, @Plan, ComScore and topic-specific research — from media habits of a target audience to competitive spending of a brand.


We work to balance budget, client needs and strategy to buy media and generate marketing results. We strategically optimize reach in any channel, using our expertise to make the most of every dollar spent. And our media agnostic approach — meaning we have no preference for certain media channels — helps us deliver exactly what our clients are looking for.


Our senior team leads all operations at Watauga.

Media Director

Armed with her iPhone and a glass of unsweet iced tea, Leslie goes to work everyday excited about working closely with Watauga’s partners. She enjoys working hand-in-hand with clients, sharing the success and growth of the businesses who put their trust in Watauga — and in her. Leslie manages media planning and buying for agency clients, analyzing media options and recommending channels, as well as overseeing all broadcast, print, online and out-of-home rate negotiations. She’s been working at Watauga for ten years, since day one, but also has years of experience in all things planning and media buying, working at MMGY Global (formerly YPB&R) and Medical Hair Restoration. Out of the office, Leslie enjoys spending time with her family and at church.

Strategic Marketing Director

Neil has been with Watauga since its inception. In addition to the ten years at the company, he brings 25 years of industry experience to the table, having served as media director for Medical Hair Restorations and as senior vice president, media director, of YPB&R. At Watauga, Neil is responsible for the strategic planning and marketing for all agency clients, playing a key role in Watauga’s client relations. Neil is also a stickler about making sure the company is always responsive — he believes in responding to emails within 12 hours, even if it’s just to say the company’s working on something.

Media Director

Erin is an innovator. Every day at Watauga, she’s driven by her passion to find new, unique ways to reach their audience. Serving as a media director, she analyzes research to develop client strategy, in addition to investigating and selecting programs to make an impact on targets. With 17 years of industry experience, Erin has worked on a variety of retail, travel, recruitment, healthcare, financial, entertainment and non-profit accounts. When she’s not busy, she loves taking mini-vacations with her husband and two kids to the beach, and cheering on the Florida Gators!

Media Director

Jenny’s a company leader, always excited to see how her team’s work can immediately impact a campaign for the better. With six years of experience at Watauga, Jenny works closely with clients to develop media strategy, in addition to optimizing online campaigns, planning and buying. Her wide-array of experience working in digital, print, OOH, broadcast and emerging media has given her the unique ability to shape cross-channel strategies that succeed. Outside of the office, you’ll find her proudly sporting orange and blue, cheering on the Florida Gators

Director Of Insights And Media

As Director of Insights and Media, it’s no surprise that Michelle Evans spends her life observing. Michelle has seen marketing from different angles — she’s been with Watuaga for a year, she’s been a Watauga client for 10 years and she has 25 years of industry experience. Her favorite part of work is looking out for the ‘unexpected nugget’ of game changing information that transforms how clients approach media and marketing. Outside of work, Michelle enjoys cooking gourmet meals — though her true passion is walking anywhere and everywhere, which she believes helps her to see the world differently.

Managing Partner — Digital Solutions

Charles has been with Watauga since day one. As a managing partner, he has worked for ten years to build the company from the ground up as a leader in media strategy and planning. He’s proud that Watauga can be a conduit for client, bridging the gaps for clients between various operating units in their own organizations, helping them focus on success. Outside of the office, Charles enjoys spending time with his family and at church. He’s a husband and a father of 4 children, 2 dogs, 4 cats and several fish.

Search Media Director

A recent addition to the Watauga team, Debra brings 25 years of experience to the table. As Search Media Director, her role is SEM and social advertising with Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Debra is driven by her passion to give her clients the best search marketing results and she especially appreciates the flexibility search marketing gives her to move quickly. Even though Debra refuses to leave home without her computer, she also refuses to live to work. Rather, Debra works to live — she enjoys spending time walking her beloved dogs, golfing, traveling and slowing down with some Tom Cruise films.


We have extensive experience in marketing and media management in industries like hospitality, real estate, financial, restaurants, food service, recruitment and more.


When Home Depot was having difficulties finding diverse, bilingual employees, Watauga jumped in to help. We developed a new way for Home Depot to utilize — taking the traditional recruitment media program and adding a diversity-targeting component. This resulted in a decrease in application costs from $100-$350 per application to an average of $23.57. We’ve continued to work with Home Depot on various projects.


In 2013, The Kessler Collection revamped their corporate and property sites for each of their ten luxury hotels. Watauga was asked to optimize each for Google Adwords to support these new campaigns. With Watauga’s efforts to optimize each site, The Kessler Collection gained over seven times more traffic with just 3.5 times more budget.


In 2013, we helped the Waldorf Astoria Orlando move into the top three results in Google search rankings — after starting with a 30+ rank only two months before. We worked closely with the Hilton Hotel corporate office responsible for the optimization efforts. We developed a focus list of keywords, developed appropriate copy and implemented SEO tactics. We continue to fine tune work together.

watauga-group-case-studies-stevie bs

When the family-oriented Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet asked us to bring fans to their Facebook page, they had only 12,000 fans. Through the use of CPC Tile Ads to promote specials and drive mothers to like their Facebook page for special offers, we increased the fanbase by 70 percent. Through these efforts, we also gathered fans that are more likely to visit the stores more often.


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