Ryan Powers

SEM/Social Media Planner & Buyer

Watauga Group - Ryan Powers – SEM Social Media Planner & Buyer

Leadership and Experience

  • Ryan joined Watauga Group in May of 2014, and has more than 15-years of Internet and Social Media marketing experience.
  • If he had a life outside of work, Ryan imagines that his would be an active lifestyle – rich in sports such as golf, football, basketball, and soccer.
  • Ryan works on Dollywood, YogaBed, Hot Springs Spa, Dentistry for Children, Pergo/Harmonics, PPA, CareSpot, SWAT Environmental, Georgia Pacific, Rayonier, and JWT.
  • At any given moment, Ryan can be found glued to his chair planning, executing, monitoring, and optimizing online campaigns.
  • An interesting side note is that a day in Ryan’s life is actually 365 days to any other human, as he never seems to sleep.
  • Doctors have concluded that, at this rate, Ryan is effectively just 35-days old.