It’s been a busy week for our friends at Facebook with their longest outage since 2008. This affected not only Facebook but also Instagram and What’s App. Billions of users across the globe voiced frustrations, and advertisers failed to deliver critical impressions for campaigns. The ironic timing of this outage driven by configuration changes is that it happened the day prior to a whistleblower testimony before the Senate subcommittee on Tuesday.

Although the impact on campaigns was merely a pause, for ads that did not deliver across Facebook apps advertisers were not billed during the outage; this is a good reminder to be smart with media spends.  Advertisers heavily reliant on digital ad spend to drive business should always be cautious to never have all of their eggs in one basket. This issue reminds us all that the only thing that remains the same about media…is change.

How do you prepare for change or the unexpected outages or even bankruptcy for media companies?

“Advertisers should always allocate a portion of their budget for testing to help them prepare to pivot when changes occur in consumer behavior or media ownership, regulation, etc..  We suggest a minimum of 10% spend in testing, and for categories dependent on digital ad spend to drive profit margin, keep up to 20% in testing on an ongoing basis. ”

– CMO of Watauga Group, Michelle Evans



To learn more about how to plan for change and optimize your digital spend for best results please contact or call at 407-982-2696.  



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