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Boost Your Conversion Rate With Native Advertising

A few years ago, the CMO of Proctor & Gamble was speaking at an industry trade show and told the audience that in order to be successful, the job of their media agency was to “engage” their customers. Some in the outdoor recreation & attraction space have translated this as “disruption.” That the way to […]

Programmatic Advertising: A Holistic Approach to Media Buying 

Programmatic ad-buying platforms allow users to automate the digital media buying process. This eliminates much of the manual work typically required when buying media using traditional means. Of course, saving time offers increased efficiency, so many outdoor recreation and attraction brands are incorporating programmatic ad buying into their marketing strategies.

But how much more effective is […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Media Agency

Advertising is a key aspect of any successful business strategy. Especially for outdoor and recreation related companies where advertising is crucial for reaching new target audiences and potential outdoor enthusiasts. However, planning and executing a media campaign can be a complex and time-consuming process. That’s where a media planning and buying agency like Watauga Group […]

OTT & Maximizing Reach with Outdoor & Active Lifestyle Audiences

Streaming video or Over-the-Top (OTT) advertising can be a powerful tool for many Outdoor & Active Lifestyle brands to reach their target audiences and lift overall advertising results. One way to purchase OTT advertising is programmatically through a Demand Side Platform (DSP), such as The Trade Desk or Google’s DV360, where premium advertising inventory is […]

A Digital-Forward Strategy for Maximizing Attraction Visitors

Watauga recently conducted a study on the media usage and preferences of Attraction visitors to Amusement Parks, Zoos, Aquariums, Waterparks, Museums and Science Centers. With a 96% visitor reach, our research supports the use of a holistic, digital-forward media strategy as an essential part of the overall marketing plan for Attractions to connect and engage […]

Unlock the Power of Google Analytics 4: How to Prepare for the Transition

Outdoor & Recreation leaders are always seeking new ways to better understand their target audiences, existing customers, and how to maximize marketing performance. Look no further than Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the latest version of Google’s web and app analytics platform. With a host of new features and improvements, GA4 is poised to revolutionize the […]

Attraction Visitors are On the Go: Out-of-Home Advertising for Greater ROI

With today’s plethora of competing entertainment choices, Attractions must continually find innovative ways to connect with new audiences and increase attendance. A combination of traditional and new digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising options offer Attractions a cost-effective, powerful paid media solution for maximizing their visitor reach, brand awareness, and advertising ROI.

Watauga recently conducted a study on […]

Digital + Linear Video: 2023 Strategies to Grow Advertising ROI for Attractions

Attractions are constantly looking for ways to reach new audiences, increase attendance, and maximize their advertising return on investment (ROI). In 2023, paid video is expected to be the most important media channel to achieve these goals. With the rise in streaming video popularity and the continued use of traditional broadcast TV, Attractions can now […]

The Top 3 Radio Media Strategies to Maximize Attraction Visitors in 2023

With a healthy rebound from its initial Covid decline, Radio is a reliable and effective media channel for Attraction marketing success in 2023 based on Watauga’s latest research into visitor media habits. This insight into visitor media behaviors and preferences reinforces the importance for Attractions to continue leveraging traditional broadcast radio, combined with new digital […]

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