In response to growing concerns from advertisers, after a series of measurement errors, Facebook recently announced it will open itself up to audits by a third party measurement source, the Media Rating Council. Shortly after, it was announced that MRC will also audit the way three independent metrics companies, Moat, Integral Ad Science, and DoubleVerify, collect data to measure the amount of time people spend with ads on YouTube and whether or not people can see them.

Google says the move had been in the works for a while and wasn’t a reaction to industry pressure or Facebook’s announcement. In an additional step toward deeper verification last week, Google announced plans to have non-Google sites bought from owned platforms such as Adwords and DoubleClick Bid Manager audited, a sign that we can expect all reliable sites to also work towards more data transparency.

How does this impact Watauga Group and CyBear clients and partners?

“Measurement is the backbone of any advertising campaign. Without full transparency, a marketer can only hope each medium is providing true numbers” says Debra Marrano, MediaDirector of Watauga’s CyBear Team. “3rd party verification from both Google’s YouTube and Facebook is a positive step for the Digital advertising industry. With steep increases in viewership for video, the ad industry must know the numbers they are seeing are true. MRC audits will hold Google and Facebook more accountable to advertisers.”

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