Media Planning & Buying work together to get your message in front of the right audience at the right price.

The media planners uses audience research to understand which combination of platforms and media speak to your target, how often you need to talk to them and what the best times for that audience to see your message is for them to be moved to action.  They then ensure that the correct placements are used at the most efficient costs to deliver on your goals.


Consumer behavior and a deep understanding of the target audience help us develop a media plan that is right for our clients.  Taking direction from the media strategy, we use all the tools in our reach to craft the optimal media mix to achieve client objectives and budgets.



Next our buyers work tirelessly to implement the plan by negotiating with media to find the perfect placements at the the right cost.  We maintain close relationships with the media to ensure that we know when the perfect inventory becomes available for our clients.


The Watauga team uses one of the the leading software products on the market for media planning and buying.  MediaOcean allows us to manage traditional and digital media platforms as well as to coordinate the advertising workflow, such as planning and buying, analyzing and optimizing.  


Our research tools are second to none.  We use the top tools on the market, including MRI, Media Audit, PRIZM, and more.  Combined with our 100 plus years of experience in media, Watauga delivers media plans that are individualized, effective, efficient, and on task.

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