Media strategy

Media Strategy is all about placing the right message in front of the right people, at the right time.  To do this effectively, you not only have to understand your audience, but you have to understand the media…all media, so it works together in a truly integrated way.


Do you know who your target audience is?  The target audience is perhaps one of the most important elements in building your media strategy.  Often defined in terms of gender, age, income, education and location, your audience is much more complicated than that.  Their daily behavior, how they use media, where they go, what they do, essentially, their daily journey is much more telling.  Let Watauga help you find the “right people” to talk to.



Does your message talk to your audience?  Communication is riddled with noise.  Does your audience receive the message as you intend it to be sent?  Your creative should work seamlessly with your target audience and your media mix for the best results.  Let Watauga be that bridge that helps guide every element of your media strategy.


Once the who, what, and when are clear, you can determine the where.  Watauga is agnostic when it comes to media.  The research and our experience tells us where your message will work hardest to deliver on your objectives.  The spectrum from television to social media, direct marketing and even guerilla marketing are fair game when it comes to building the right media mix for our clients. 



Timing is essential.  If your audience is not ready to receive your message, it will be lost in the noise.  The Journal of Advertising Research tells us that when you advertise, how often, and the relationship to the consumers’ stage in the decision making process plays an important role in purchase intent.  Let Watauga help you understand when the “right time” is for you.

Are you talking to the right people at the right time?

Let Watauga Group take your media strategy to the next level with our in-depth understanding of marketing communications, media, collaboration, and research.
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