Did you know Reddit is the 4th most visited website in the U.S. and 6th in the world!? With over 542 million monthly visitors we wanted our digital analysts to shed some light onto the rising boom in this platform.

An Overview of Reddit: “The Front Page of the Internet”

The site is a collection of posts submitted by registered users, more commonly known as redditors, and is organized into related-topic forums, aka subreddits. Posts appear on a user’s feed based on an algorithm considering age, user interaction and total vote count. The most popular posts across the site appear on the front page, which can be accessed by redditors and non-redditors alike. There is also a comment section available on each post for discussion, and user comments are subject to upvotes and downvotes (likes and dislikes).

Helpful Hints on Targeting

  • Campaign Objectives include Brand Awareness and Reach, Traffic, Conversions, Video Views and App Installs.
  • Reddit can target users by 67 unique interests and thousands of niche subreddits
    • For example, Interest targeting can be set up for a user that has recently interacted with content about Travel, Photography or Technology.

Potential Opportunity

  • Brands can target users that are actively engaged in related topics and topic-based communities
  • Provide users with interesting and valuable content while they are in a content-consuming mindset
  • Reach niche audiences with subreddit targeting that pinpoints users on every conceivable topic

Potential Risk

  • The reddit community responds extremely unfavorably to sales-centric ads
  • Users can post comments anonymously (but comments can be turned off on sponsored posts)
  • Sponsored posts can be shown anywhere in the user’s feed, making brand safety relatively weak

Written by: Zack Bower & Jennifer Gutkowski

Sources: Pexels.com; Reddit.com

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