Snapchat vs. Instagram


The Stats:

  • Instagram have over 700 million active, daily users. Instagram Stories have surpassed Snapchat with over 250 million users.
  • Snapchat have over 166 million active, daily users.

The Target:

  • 25-34 makes up the largest demographic for Instagram. 18-24 is the largest demographic for Snapchat.
  • “While everyone wants to jump to Snapchat, Instagram has the numbers. Those who want to target millennials automatically think Snapchat, but Instagram reaches a higher percent of them, particularly older millennials, with better targeting, higher reach and lower CPM’s,” states Jenny Williams, the Watauga CPO.

The Ad Capabilities:

  • For the price, Instagram is a better value, with CPM’s that average roughly 50% lower than Snapchat. Remember that it is owned by Facebook which has the ad technology to sell highly targeted ads in a cost-effective way.
  • Instagram’s targeting capabilities far exceed Snapchat’s since they utilize data from Facebook. Snapchat lacks the ability to create custom audiences like Instagram does (email lists, pixel based audience groups, etc.).
  • Snapchat is also limited in geo-targeting, only able to target at the DMA level, whereas Instagram can drill down to zip or a radius around a location.

The Skinny on Stories:

  • Snapchat ads can lead to app downloads and retail opportunities with user
    interaction within the story itself.
  • Instagram has plenty of direct response in the rest of the app, but stories are more of a brand awareness play.

Our Take:

  • Snapchat is the shiny new object for advertisers. Remember your target audience and campaign objectives to select the right social platform for your campaign.


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