Comcast’s NBCUniversal recently announced that it will be breaking away from Hulu to start its own video streaming service – set to launch in 2020. This move, along with AT&T’s WarnerMedia plans to do the same, now gives Disney full operational control of Hulu.

NBCUniversal will be permitted to air any of its content not currently on Hulu on its own service by 2021 and pull any of its content currently on Hulu by 2023. However, NBCU will continue to license its live programming to Hulu for the foreseeable future.

Making matters more complicated, are Disney’s intentions to launch its own streaming service, Disney+, late 2019. The service will host popular films and shows by Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars.

What does this do to advertisers?

Similar to how consumers will have to subscribe to more and more service to watch their favorite shows, advertisers will have to buy across the wider array of services – whether directly or programmatically, or even both – to ensure that they are reaching their audience on all the relevant platforms. It is safe for us to assume that advertisers will need to expect new direct offers to come from CTV sales reps and new programmatic deals to become available in DSPs soon.

One thing for sure, there are a lot of moves in the pipeline. Make sure you check back to our blog for regular updates.

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