Surprising ways your clients are spending their time with media… and how its good news!

1. US Adults spend much more time with non-digital radio than with social media.
The average adult’s daily time spent with radio in 2017 is 1h 26m, while social media only averaged 40 minutes via mobile devices and 11 minutes via their computer.

2. Media consumption is starting to level off from the wild shift we’ve seen the past few years.
After the rapid growth over the past decade, smartphone penetration is expected to gain less than a single percentage point per year by 2020. And overall, time spent with digital media, including video, is expected to grow just 3.5%. So, until that Next Big Thing comes along, our media consumption is staying fairly consistent for now.

3. Facebook isn’t going anywhere, with the platform’s usage inching up.
Although slight, Facebook daily consumption continues to rise with projections of 25m from 2017 to 26M in 2018 and 27M in 2019. And the average time spent on the platform is also expected to keep gaining. We still love our Facebook time!

4. Don’t dismiss the tablet.
Tablets account for more than one-third of non-voice mobile activity with predominant activities including usage of the web while smartphone activities were primarily in-app usage.

5. In an age of Netflix & YouTube, adults are still watching good ol’ nondigital TV.
Digital video usage is still increasing, and traditional TV is still on the decline, but the time we spend with non-digital TV is still 2 hours more per day than with digital video.

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