Watauga’s latest research, the “2024 Attraction Visitor Report: Insights for Maximizing New & Repeat Guests,” is a game-changer for marketing leaders in attractions such as theme parks, zoos, aquariums, water parks, and family entertainment centers. With findings derived from an extensive consumer attitudinal research study involving 3,590 participants, the report dives deep into the minds of attraction guests.

Engage, Convert, Succeed: Customizing Social Media Strategies for Seeker Mindsets

As we think about the Seekers, it is imperative for attraction marketing leaders to convert Seekers into guests to maximize sales. Our study tells us that social media is a Seeker’s top choice for learning about attractions, especially Facebook. Our research also reveals distinct social media engagement patterns among the three Seeker mindsets. To effectively attract and convert each type into new guests, tailor your social media strategy to their habits.

Understanding Visitor Mindsets, Seekers, and Doers

Our research study unveiled three distinct visitor mindsets. Passionate Visitors who prioritize meaningful moments with loved ones at attractions and consider the cost secondary. Intentional Visitors who value frugality and personal space, prioritizing their visits when it is financially affordable and when crowds are reduced. Passive Visitors who prefer familiar attractions close to home, find fulfillment in routines, and often lose interest after visiting an attraction several times.

Watauga applied two crucial audience lenses, “Seekers” and “Doers,” to closely analyze the data and the three mindsets of attraction visitors. Seekers are individuals who have not visited an attraction but express interest in doing so. Doers are individuals who have either visited an attraction in the past or are current attraction guests.

Passionate Seekers: Engaging Peer Stories

Three out of every four Passionate Seekers are influenced by firsthand attraction stories when deciding to visit. Craft compelling narratives that showcase the genuine experiences of visitors. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram emerge as the preferred platforms, making them the ideal channels for amplifying peer stories. By sharing authentic content on these platforms, attractions can seamlessly convert Passionate Seekers into enthusiastic guests.

Intentional Seekers: First-time Visitor Information and Planning Advice

Intentional Seekers heavily rely on social media for attraction discovery. To capture their attention, provide them with comprehensive first-time visitor information and planning advice. Create engaging content on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, offering insights into what to expect during their visit. By tailoring content to address the specific needs of Intentional Seekers, attractions can successfully convert this group into eager guests.

Passive Seekers: Influencer Partnerships and Paid Promotions

Passive Seekers, who exhibit a notable interest in social media influencers, present a unique opportunity for attractions. Collaborate with influencers to create targeted content that aligns with the passive audience’s interests. Implementing influencer partnerships with paid promotions can significantly boost attraction visibility and appeal to this segment, turning Passive Seekers into active guests.

Maximize Seeker Reach: The YouTube Advantage

YouTube emerges as a powerful tool for attractions looking to maximize their reach. Implementing AI-driven targeting for Meta and YouTube optimization can enhance the visibility of attraction content. By strategically using YouTube videos, attractions can reach a wider audience and ensure their message resonates with both Seekers and Doers. This approach aligns with the evolving landscape of digital marketing, providing attractions with a competitive edge in attracting and retaining visitors.

Conclusion: Build a Seeker-Centric Social Media Strategy

Embrace the power of social media to tell compelling stories, provide valuable information, and collaborate with influencers. In doing so, attractions can forge deeper connections with visitors, ensuring a steady stream of new and repeat guests in the coming year.

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