In the ever-evolving world of digital advertising, finding innovative ways to capture the attention of outdoor participants, attraction visitors, and other types of consumers is crucial. TikTok, a popular social media platform known for its short-form videos, has introduced Interactive Display Cards as a powerful new tool for outdoor recreation and attraction brands to increase audience engagement and alleviate creative fatigue.

Maximizing Creatives and Personalizing Messages

One of the key advantages of Interactive Display Cards on TikTok is their ability to breathe new life into limited creatives. When advertisers have limited videos but still want to deliver a fresh message, Interactive Display Cards offer a solution. As part of a recent Atlanta Botanical Garden campaign, Watauga Group successfully implemented Interactive Display Cards on TikTok to leverage a single video and tailor the messaging/CTA for different types of consumers. This flexibility allowed Atlanta Botanical Garden to maintain a consistent brand message while catering to specific target audiences.

Boosting Ad Engagement

Interactive Display Cards serve as an interactive add-on that enhances the viewer experience and encourages ad engagement. TikTok reports that 57% of viewers are more likely to search for brand information online after engaging with businesses on the platform. By incorporating Interactive Display Cards, advertisers can seize this opportunity to capture user interest and redirect them to their website or app.

The Power of Display Cards

Among the range of Interactive Add-Ons available on TikTok, Display Cards stand out as a versatile tool. With Display Cards, advertisers can embed interactive elements within their in-feed video ads. These cards can convey important messages, promote exclusive offers, and drive traffic with visually appealing content that aligns with a brand’s identity. By leveraging Display Cards, businesses can provide users with additional information, experiment with different calls to action, and ultimately entice them to click on the ad.

Preventing Creative Fatigue

Creative fatigue is a common challenge faced by outdoor and attraction advertisers, as repetitive ad content can lead to diminished engagement over time. To combat this, Interactive Display Cards can be used to refresh the user experience and maintain high conversion rates. These cards appear only for a short time (minimum of two seconds), ensuring they do not distract viewers from the video content itself. By leveraging Interactive Display Cards, advertisers can prevent creative fatigue and sustain user interest throughout their campaigns.


Interactive Display Cards on TikTok offer outdoor recreation and attraction brands a powerful way to enhance ad engagement and combat creative fatigue. With the ability to breathe new life into limited creatives, personalize messages, and provide interactive experiences, businesses like the Atlanta Botanical Garden can effectively capture the attention of TikTok’s vast user base. By incorporating Interactive Display Cards into their advertising strategies, brands can leverage the platform’s popularity and encourage users to connect with their brand, ultimately boosting their online presence and driving tangible business results.

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