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Harnessing Escapism in Attraction Marketing

Capturing the escapist audience

Watauga’s latest research, the “2024 Attraction Visitor Report: Insights for Maximizing New & Repeat Guests,” is a game-changer for attraction marketing leaders at theme parks, zoos, aquariums, water parks, museums, and family entertainment centers. With findings derived from an extensive consumer attitudinal research study involving 3,590 participants, the report dives deep into the minds of attraction guests. This article summarizes one of the many key takeaways uncovered in the research.

Capturing the Escapist Audience and Crafting Compelling Narratives

Understanding the mindsets of current attraction visitors and potential guests is the first step toward developing strategies to activate and engage them. Focusing on the Doers, it is imperative for attraction marketing leaders to pinpoint and prioritize this audience to drive first-time visits and maximize repeat, high frequency guests.

Our study reveals that these individuals seek escapism, craving relief from the monotony of daily life. As a marketing leader at theme parks, zoos, aquariums, water parks, museums, and family entertainment centers, engaging these Doers through compelling advertising campaigns that resonate with their desire for adventure and relaxation is imperative.

Understanding Visitor Mindsets, Seekers, and Doers

Our research study unveiled three distinct visitor mindsets. Passionate Visitors who prioritize meaningful moments with loved ones at attractions and consider the cost secondary. Intentional Visitors who value frugality and personal space, prioritizing their visits when it is financially affordable and when crowds are reduced. Passive Visitors who prefer familiar attractions close to home, find fulfillment in routines, and often lose interest after visiting an attraction several times.

Watauga applied two crucial audience lenses, “Seekers” and “Doers,” to closely analyze the data and the three mindsets of attraction visitors. Seekers are individuals who have not visited an attraction but express interest in doing so. Doers are individuals who have either visited an attraction in the past or are current attraction guests.

Developing Creative Escapism in Advertising

Leveraging escapism in creative and upper-funnel advertising is key to positioning your attraction as the ultimate break from routine. You tap into the Doers’ innate desire for novelty and exploration by highlighting your venue as a gateway to excitement and relaxation. Whether through captivating visuals or enticing narratives, it is important for marketing leaders at theme parks, zoos, aquariums, water parks, museums, and family entertainment centers to emphasize how your attraction offers an immersive escape from the ordinary.

Maximizing Awareness with Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

To maximize awareness and conversions among Doers, digital out-of-home advertising proves to be an effective tool. Targeting everyday locations such as grocery stores, gyms, and gas stations guarantees your message reaches Doers during their daily routines. By seamlessly integrating your attraction into their surroundings, you subtly invite them to indulge in a moment of escapism, planting the seed for future engagement. For more information on how to turn visitors into repeat guests, check out our blog post,  From Visitor Discovery to Repeat Guest: Balancing Paid & Owned Media.

Strategic Advertising Around Stressful Life Events

Understanding the triggers for escapism is vital. Testing advertising strategies around Doers’ stressful life events or milestones, such as marriage or family visits, allows you to align your messaging with their specific needs. By positioning your attraction as a sanctuary during times of heightened stress, you offer Doers a tangible solution for finding solace and rejuvenation.

Conclusion: Delivering the Ultimate Escape

From crafting immersive advertising narratives to strategically leveraging digital out-of-home platforms, every aspect of engagement must be tailored to resonate with the craving for adventure and relaxation. By aligning advertising strategies with key stress triggers and life events, marketing leaders at theme parks, zoos, aquariums, water parks, museums, and family entertainment centers can position themselves as sanctuaries amidst the chaos of everyday life. When delivering on the promise of the ultimate escape, attractions not only capture the attention of the Doer audience but also cultivate lasting loyalty and engagement.

To download a complimentary copy of Watauga’s 2024 Attraction Visitor Report and view an interactive visualization of the research data, please visit https://wataugagroup.com/attraction-visitor-report.

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