Streaming video or Over-the-Top (OTT) advertising can be a powerful tool for many Outdoor & Active Lifestyle brands to reach their target audiences and lift overall advertising results. One way to purchase OTT advertising is programmatically through a Demand Side Platform (DSP), such as The Trade Desk or Google’s DV360, where premium advertising inventory is purchased using DSP curated packages and deals.

The Power of Private Marketplaces

Another OTT purchasing option is to partner directly with a programming network to create a custom Private Marketplace (PMP) to target their inventory through a DSP. The advantages of a PMP can range from more premium inventory, lower rates, and guaranteed delivery. In many ways, it blends the benefits of both traditional TV and programmatically purchased video including knowing exactly where your spot ran along with advanced, digital targeting capabilities.

A PMP Success Story

Watauga recently worked on the launch of a new beer and seltzer brand targeting active lifestyle audiences. Watauga’s strategic media plan called for OTT placements on the popular TV show Yellowstone. To buy inventory programmatically Watauga partnered with Yellowstone’s network, Paramount+, and leveraged a custom PMP deal for inventory that could include the show. To further maximize audience reach and campaign effectiveness, Watauga incorporated a custom 3rd party data set to specifically target craft beer buyers and beer enthusiasts via the DSP platform.

While a PMP does not guarantee the purchase of specific programming, Watauga deployed a programmatic bidding strategy to increase bid amounts specifically during Yellowstone’s airtime to maximize the brand’s advertising exposures during the show. By the end of the campaign, we had successfully generated a 34% increase in impression share on Yellowstone and its prequel, 1883. Furthermore, Watauga used audience-level data analytics to identify deeper insights on campaign performance resulting in additional improvements and results.

OTT Quality Assurance

Lastly, many Outdoor & Active Lifestyle brands are concerned about OTT due to the lack of control over where your advertising spot runs. But this can be minimized by using many of the quality control options available to guarantee brand safety and the right programming alignment for your marketing strategy. Watauga can help you navigate these choices to find the best solution for the unique needs of your brand and company.


The use of OTT advertising and PMPs has proven to be a successful strategy for reaching Outdoor & Active Lifestyle audiences. Our work with a beer and seltzer brand targeting active lifestyle audiences showcases the potential for PMPs to generate significant increases in impression share and overall campaign performance. We are also seeing an explosion in new OTT and streaming opportunities with HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock, Paramount+, Warner Bros Discovery, and Netflix all offering advertising supported solutions. At Watauga, we have the expertise to help brands navigate the streaming video landscape as well as the quality control options available to achieve the optimum programming alignment for their marketing strategy. With the continued growth of OTT and streaming opportunities, now is the time for Outdoor & Lifestyle brands to maximize their reach and advertising results.

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