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Primetime Programming Rebounds Post Strikes

With Hollywood fully rebounding from the recent double whammy of writer’s and actor’s strikes, we are anxiously awaiting the return of our beloved shows. The first quarter not only guarantees the return of favorites such as One Chicago, Abbott Elementary, and NCIS but also unveils a slate of exciting new shows across most networks. So, snuggle up on the couch and get ready to catch up on your favorites shows and to check out some promising additions to the lineup.

Highlights by Television Network:


CBS is poised to unveil two compelling new dramas that are bound to leave viewers on the edge of their seats. The first being Tracker: Colter Shaw, portrayed by Justin Hartley, embodies the role of a lone-wolf survivalist in the upcoming series. Functioning as a “reward seeker,” Shaw utilizes his exceptional tracking skills to assist both private citizens and law enforcement in solving a myriad of mysteries. As he navigates this unique career path, Shaw must also grapple with the challenges posed by his own fractured family. This intriguing narrative is based on the best-selling novel, “The Never Game,” penned by acclaimed author Jeffery Deaver. The second: Elsbeth, Elsbeth Tascioni, portrayed by Carrie Preston, transitions from a successful career in Chicago to take on a distinctive role as an astute and unconventional attorney. Tascioni leverages her unique observations and unorthodox approach to law enforcement to collaborate with the NYPD, contributing to the efforts of cornering brilliant criminals.


NBC will say hello to a new comedy, a spinoff of a fan favorite and a revamped game show. Starring Jon Cryer, Extended Family is a new multi-cam comedy centered around the shifting family dynamics following a good-natured divorce — and the surprisingly hilarious moments that come with co-parenting. America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League is an upcoming brand new AGT spin-off. The difference between Fantasy League and the original AGT is that this time, each Judge will compete against each other for bragging rights by leading their own Dream Team, acting as a Mentor for a roster of Acts they pick themselves from across the AGT universe, making the stakes even higher. Ultimately, the champion of AGT: Fantasy League will take home a $250,000 grand prize. NBC is bringing back the popular game show “Deal or No Deal” with a twist. “Deal or No Deal Island” features a new host and an island setting, maintaining the high-stakes competition, substantial prize money, and the iconic Banker, but now contestants face challenges in a mysterious tropical locale.


FOX has introduced two innovative game shows and a captivating animated production. First, renowned actor Rob Lowe is set to take on the hosting duties for the upcoming show, “The Floor.” This captivating game show promises a spectacular battle of intellect, as 81 contestants strategically position themselves on a massive game show floor, each occupying an individual square. The competition unfolds as participants engage in a riveting challenge, vying for a substantial $250,000 prize. Second, “We Are Family”, an innovative and entertaining show, non-famous relatives of celebrities take center stage as they engage in duets with their hidden famous family members. The challenge unfolds as 100 contestants strive to correctly identify the celebrity to whom the performer is related before their hidden connection is revealed. Lastly, Emmy Award winner Jon Hamm takes on the dual roles of star and executive producer in the all-new animated comedy series, “GRIMSBURG.” The show centers around Marvin Flute (Hamm), a detective of unparalleled skill, known for solving peculiar cases such as apprehending a cannibal clown or accurately identifying a mid-century modern armoire. Despite his prowess in solving mysteries, Flute faces an enigma closer to home — that of his own family.


ABC has released its returning programming for the quarter, featuring fan-favorites, familiar dramas, and cutting-edge news hours. The first ABC premier features Joey Graziadei, the newest seeker of love on “The Bachelor”. There will be a ABC News “20/20” true-crime series for those intrigued by that genre which will feature some of the most shocking love

crimes, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Familiar comedies “The Conners” and “Not Dead Yet” will return this quarter as well as award winning “Abbott Elementary”. Competition show “American Idol” will launch it’s seventh season on ABC and classic hidden camera show “What Would You Do?” makes its return to primetime. ABC dramas “Will Trent”, “The Rookie”, and “The Good Doctor” will all return before the end of first quarter as well as highly rated “9-1-1” and ABC’s iconic “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Station 19”. ABC is set to announce additional programming including a series pickup “High Potential” featuring Kaitlin Olson as a single mom with an exceptional mind for solving crimes, in the coming weeks.


As we bid farewell to a year that put much network programming on hold, we look forward to a new year featuring the work and effort impacted by the strikes. Primetime TV remains a powerful advertising medium, combining broad reach with heightened viewer engagement. It effectively connects with consumer audiences who have an affinity for attractions, destinations, and outdoor recreation. Be sure to set reminders and recordings for your favorites – an array of new content awaits this quarter. Sit back and enjoy!

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