New Consumer Research Insights to Help Attractions Maximize Guest Visits

Watauga Group is proud to introduce the “2024 Attraction Visitor Report: Insights for Maximizing New & Repeat Guests”. This comprehensive report, unveiled at the IAAPA Expo 2023, explores the attitudes and motivations of today’s attraction visitors.

Armed with deeper visitor insights and marketing strategies, this report empowers theme parks, zoos, aquariums, water parks, museums, and family entertainment centers to effectively navigate today’s dynamic consumer landscape and drive increased attendance in 2024.

Based on Watauga’s extensive attitudinal research study involving 3,590 participants, the report delves into the thoughts, emotions, and perceptions of both current and potential attraction guests. Key highlights of the 2024 Attraction Visitor Report include:

  • A Deep Dive into Visitor Mindsets: The report unveils three distinct visitor mindsets, interwoven by shared attitudes, providing a new understanding of consumer motivations driving attraction visitation.
  • New and Returning Guest Insights: Applying audience lenses to the research data, the report sheds light on the pivotal factors influencing attraction preferences and decisions for both returning and first-time guests.
  • Strategic Marketing Guidance: Our report isn’t just insights, it’s a practical guide! Discover a series of targeted marketing actions, empowering attractions to maximize new and repeat guests in 2024.

“The 2024 Attraction Report signifies a pivotal achievement in Watauga Group’s mission to elevate marketing and advertising success for attractions,” said Douglas Breuer, President of Watauga Group. “Our commitment to best-in-class research, coupled with the application of distinctive attitudinal and audience lenses, not only illuminates the driving factors behind attraction visits but also lays the essential marketing foundation for a successful 2024.”

Watauga Group invites you to download a complimentary copy of the report and access an interactive visualization of the research data at

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