Changes have been made:
LinkedIn has recently changed the way impressions are measured. Previously, LinkedIn was mysterious in exactly how impressions were measured. Standards only stated that if the ad was in view of a user an impression was counted.

As of March 2018, the new measurement standards have been set in place to provide more accurate reporting. For sponsored content, an impression will be recorded when an ad is at least 50% in view on a user’s screen, for at least one second on desktop and 300 milliseconds on mobile.

What this means:
In months to come, we may notice campaigns recording fewer impressions when compared to historical averages. However, this will likely result in higher than average Clickthrough Rates due to decreased impressions, but similar click volume.

This measurement change does not impact the frequency with which ads are shown, the number of people who are able to see our ads, or engagement with content in the news feed.

Written by: Mitch Larrivee, Digital Media Analyst

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