In the past few months, media companies have expanded placement options for advertisers. We are seeing trends among Google, Facebook & Snapchat focusing on new ecommerce and lead generation opportunities. We took a dive into these new product offerings and will share a little about the options in an e-commerce series over the next 3 weeks.

Google unveils new offerings all the time; In this week’s post we will go in depth on some of their recent opportunities to drive e-commerce and lead generation and how that may impact you.


Google Shopping Ads expand to Gmail | Ecommerce Focused

Rolled out in March 2020, Google Shopping Ads now are eligible to appear on Gmail, including both product shopping ads and showcase shopping ads.

  • What this means for advertisers… This expansion can be interpreted as an effort to offer supplementary inventory for advertisers and brands to use at a more affordable price.
  • When selecting to run ads on Gmail, you now automatically receive Discovery and YouTube as well, however you can choose to opt out of these additional formats.
  • Expect additional conversions at a low cost, but not necessarily an influx of traffic... “After looking at Smart Shopping campaigns that have had access to this inventory, they are expected to make a relatively small impact on traffic and revenue. But for most advertisers, it won’t hurt to turn this feature on and see if it’s an easy way to gain some additional conversions at a low cost.” – tinuiti

Google Discovery Ads | Lead Generation Focused

Discovery Ads are mobile-optimized, clickable image ads, that harness the power of user intent – utilizing Google’s signals from peoples’ website visits, app downloads, watched videos & map searches.

  • The placement is a single image or carousel format and appears in users’ Discovery feeds, mobile YouTube home & watch feed, Gmail Social & Promotion tabs, as well as the mobile homepage.
  • In May 2019, Google announced the unrolling of several planned new features and tools, including Discovery Ads, to assist advertisers in reaching customers. Discovery Ads were made available to advertisers in Q2 of 2020.
  • Why advertisers would choose this format… If your brand wants to drive conversions with media at scale, reach new customers with media, or to reconnect with your most valuable customers.

If you are interested in seeing how we would approach the new changes, give us a call or email us at! See you next week for part two!

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