1.  What does the Watauga Group do?

Watauga Group is an Independent Media Agency serving clients throughout the United States from three offices in the Southeast.  We have a simple goal…to deliver media excellence to clients using world-class tools, analytics and smart marketing.

2.  What is the best way to contact the Watauga Group?

You can call us directly at any of our offices listed below.  Feel free to email our CEO at leslie.osborne@wataugagroup.com, or fill out our contact form at wataugagroup.com/contact-us.  We would love to hear from you!

3.  What businesses does Watauga Group specialize in? 

Watauga has clients in multiple industries,  including, healthcare, travel, consumer product goods (CPG), retail, and service industries.

4.  Who are Watauga’s clients? 

Some of our clients include; Little Debbie Snack Cakes, Nokia Cell Phones, Visit Williamsburg, Smith & Wesson, Alabama Power, CareSpot, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Lake County Florida, and Hilton Hotels.

5.  How will my business benefit from working with Watauga Group? 

Watauga brings together the best of media experiences to all our clients.  With specialists in broadcast, digital, social, and print media, we take a critical look at your business and bring a fresh look to media.

6.  How do you measure success? 

We look at objectives and tie KPI’s directly back to what you want to achieve.  You will know at each step if your goals are being met.

7.  Do you do your digital buying in-house? 

Watauga does all digital buying in-house. We work together to bring the best of online and offline media to your company.

8.  Do you do social media marketing? 

Watauga works to deliver a seamless social media program to our clients.  Watauga listens to social chatter, monitors engagement, and creates ads and boosts engagement.

9.  Who will work on my business? 

Senior management is involved in every account at Watauga.  You will have a lead account manager, an online specialist, as well as an offline manager.

10.  What tools do you use? 

We subscribe to MediaOcean. comScore, Nielsen, MRI/Simmons, The Media Audit, SQAD and more.  Research is important to us.  Let us show you how it can be important to you too!