Google Moving to Mobile-First Index

  Are you ready?  Most Google users now search on mobile devices. In light of this, a new algorithm is being tested to account for the mobile users. The word is that even if your audience doesn’t search on a mobile device, you will need to be ready if you are to use today’s best practices. What you need to know:
  • Google only has 1 index: not a desktop index AND a mobile index
  • Mobile pages are priority: so pay attention to the structured data that can be read by the ‘bots’
  • Speed is key: your site should load in less than 3 seconds (but aim for 2 seconds)
*This means no large image and minimal code; also avoid page redirects* The good news:
  • It is still in the experimentation phase with no clear timeline
  • As we get more information, we will update you
What should you do now?
  • Be sure your content is mobile-friendly
  • Your mobile website should load pretty quickly
  • Use the Google page speed insights tool to see how your site performs
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