Google is a very important part of your brand’s approach to advertising, however, its only one part. Today, in installment 2 of our e-comm and lead series, we are going to give you a deep dive into changes to Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Catalog Ads | Ecommerce Focused

This new format allows your brand to create dynamic ads targeted towards users who have displayed interest in your products.

  • Available via Facebook & Instagram content… Label your products in Facebook posts and Instagram content, including stories. This is in the form of a clickable tag that displays prices and descriptions.
  • Your brand can also promote services organically on your page with Facebook Shop.
  • Immersive mobile experiences are available such as Collection Ads and Instant Experiences. These are available on Facebook and Instagram based on your brand’s Catalog.

Instagram Shopping | Ecommerce Focused

Even before COVID changed the landscape of businesses across the globe, Instagram has been leading the charge in providing tools and features to support businesses online & now they have added an easy shopping feature.

  • Focusing on impulse, Instagram engages with the buyer in a way that feels in-line with their interests and provide the means to buy without ever leaving their feed. This offers competition to the likes of Amazon but by serving this separate impulse-buyer market.
  • What makes this different from other online purchases… Users can now make in-app purchases by the tap of a button, while on other social media apps, the user still must make the purchase on the retailer’s website.
  • On stories, Instagram has also introduced the “Small Business Sticker”, which allows users to share and promote businesses in the area that they love.
  • Facebook mirrored this addition, also rolling out this new feature.

Instagram Live Shopping | Ecommerce Focused

As of Q2 2020, brands can tag products from their Facebook Shop or catalog before going ‘live’. Those watching will be able interact and ask questions while learning about the product, and finally will have the ability to make a purchase.

  • Facebook reported a 70% increase in Live views from February to March, as influencers and brands looked for new ways to reach their audience.
  • Also, in Q2, Facebook started rolling out this new feature, and it is now being readily used by the public

Learning the new Instagram and Facebook features may be confusing at first, as they change all the time!  If you’re interested in seeing how we would approach the new changes, give us a call or email us at! See you next week for part three!

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