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Refocus Your Customer Lens

After the historic surge in participation since 2020, many outdoor recreation companies now face multiple challenges including a declining % of high-frequency or “core” participants, higher customer churn rates, and rapidly changing consumer demographics.

The truth is what worked in the past is no longer the right strategy for future growth and survival. To overcome today’s challenges, outdoor recreation brands must redesign their marketing and advertising strategies to focus on new, more diverse, and faster-growing segments of consumers.

To thrive, brands must refocus their customer lens.

At Watauga Group, we understand the challenges that outdoor recreation brands face, and we’re here to help. We’ve created a free report, Refocus Your Customer Lens: How Outdoor Recreation Brands Can Maximize Sales in 2023, to help you explore 3 valuable customer lenses and strategies you can use to succeed in this new landscape.

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