What Does AI Mean for Google Search

Google search plays an essential role in the world of digital marketing, acting as a digital storefront of your business in the extensive online marketplace. In this dynamic landscape, where consumer behaviors and search engine algorithms are constantly changing, remaining competitive and relevant is challenging.

AI has emerged as a new force in Google search, transforming how businesses are connecting with their audience by using machine learning and language processing to interpret user intent, personalize search results, and optimize ad targeting. This technology has increased the “zero-click search” experience, providing the answer to the user’s query within only the featured snippets on the results pages.  This is where marketers are challenged to construct strategies that adapt to provide concise information. See below one example of how this practice is being implemented:

As an outdoor recreation & attraction business, your customers will be looking for information on dates, times, accessibility, or lodging. Making sure your marketing copy incorporates answers to common questions ensures that your audience can find that information quickly, without having to click. Opting into all of Google’s Search Copy extensions will have a major impact at addressing commonly asked questions.

Performance Max + Google Search

While there is still so much uncertainty of how AI will fully impact paid search, it is important to lean in and adapt to these new features. The integration of AI and Google Search offers an abundance of benefits for both the advertisers and users.

Performance Max is a huge example of how AI-Powered campaigns are improving search performance for our clients. Google defines Performance Max as a “new goal-based campaign type that allows performance advertisers to access all of their Google Ads inventory from a single campaign.” Using real-time analysis, Google’s AI technology can allocate your advertising budget effectively across placements, creative and audiences. Performance Max campaigns are run complementarily alongside our standard Google Search campaigns.

Additional benefits of AI include responsive search ads created based on a user’s search and site behavior as well as incremental results from value-based smart bidding such as Target CPA and Target ROAS.

In Conclusion

Overall, AI’s role in Google Search represents a significant leap forward, offering personalization, improved targeting, and cost-effective strategies that benefit users and advertisers. One way to begin tailoring your marketing for AI now is by enhancing the quality of your website content. By continuing to focus on relevancy and quality, you improve the foundation of your Google presence, gaining the search engine’s trust and, overall, boosting the performance of your search campaigns.

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