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Beyond Video: Using TikTok Carousel Ads in 2024

The explosion of TikTok has grown to the point where every outdoor brand marketer should consider TikTok as part of their 2024 advertising strategy. While originally popular among teens, in 2022 almost 70% of its active users are under 40, making it a core channel for reaching and connecting with millennial and Gen Z* audiences. […]

AI’s Impact On Google Search

What Does AI Mean for Google Search

Google search plays an essential role in the world of digital marketing, acting as a digital storefront of your business in the extensive online marketplace. In this dynamic landscape, where consumer behaviors and search engine algorithms are constantly changing, remaining competitive and relevant is challenging.

AI has emerged as a […]

Programmatic Advertising: A Holistic Approach to Media Buying 

Programmatic ad-buying platforms allow users to automate the digital media buying process. This eliminates much of the manual work typically required when buying media using traditional means. Of course, saving time offers increased efficiency, so many outdoor recreation and attraction brands are incorporating programmatic ad buying into their marketing strategies.

But how much more effective is […]

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