Watauga’s latest research, the “2024 Attraction Visitor Report: Insights for Maximizing New & Repeat Guests,” is a game-changer for attraction marketing leaders at theme parks, zoos, aquariums, water parks, museums, and family entertainment centers. With findings derived from an extensive consumer attitudinal research study involving 3,590 participants, the report dives deep into the minds of attraction guests. This article summarizes one of the many key takeaways uncovered in the research.

Untapped Potential: The Child-Free Seeker

Understanding the mindsets of current attraction visitors and potential guests is the first step toward developing strategies to activate and engage them. Focusing on the Seekers, it is imperative for attraction marketing leaders to convert Seekers into guests to maximize sales.

Our study revealed that Seekers are significantly less likely to have children compared to Doers. These individuals, without children, represent untapped potential. In order to convert this type of Seeker into a guest, it is essential for marketing leaders at theme parks, zoos, aquariums, water parks, museums, and family entertainment centers to build a marketing strategy around the interests and timing that most resonate with the child-Free Seeker.

Understanding Visitor Mindsets, Seekers, and Doers

Our research study unveiled three distinct visitor mindsets. Passionate Visitors who prioritize meaningful moments with loved ones at attractions and consider the cost secondary. Intentional Visitors who value frugality and personal space, prioritizing their visits when it is financially affordable and when crowds are reduced. Passive Visitors who prefer familiar attractions close to home, find fulfillment in routines, and often lose interest after visiting an attraction several times.

Watauga applied two crucial audience lenses, “Seekers” and “Doers,” to closely analyze the data and the three mindsets of attraction visitors. Seekers are individuals who have not visited an attraction but express interest in doing so. Doers are individuals who have either visited an attraction in the past or are current attraction guests.

Targeted Approach: Segment and Target Child-Free Seekers

To pinpoint the child-free Seeker, attraction marketers must embrace a targeted approach. Segment and target child-free Seekers in your marketing campaigns to ensure your campaigns are reaching this specific audience. It is then essential to craft advertising which highlights features and benefits unrelated to children. The combination of audience targeting and custom advertising messages will resonate effectively with the child-free Seeker.

Creative Magic: Craft Ads as Diverse as Child-Free Seeker Interests

Test marketing and advertising creative aligned with the interests of child-free Seekers. Focusing on cultural richness, entertainment, wellness opportunities, and culinary delights ensures resonance with child-free Seekers. Aligning the messaging with their interests creates a compelling invitation for child-free Seekers to transition from expressing interest to becoming valued guests.

Strategic Timing: Leverage Shoulder-Season Advertising

Incorporating “shoulder-season” advertising strategies is the final piece in attracting and converting child-free Seekers. Highlight advantages such as decreased crowds, milder weather, and lower off-peak ticket prices. This approach acknowledges the unique preferences of child-free Seekers and positions the attraction as an appealing option during times when these individuals may find the experience more enjoyable and personalized.

Conclusion: The Right Person, The Right Message, The Right Time

Attraction marketing leaders at theme parks, zoos, aquariums, water parks, museums, and family entertainment centers can implement a persuasive advertising strategy that speaks directly to child-free Seekers. This custom strategy is comprised of audience targeting, strategic timing, and a comprehensive understanding of child-free Seeker preferences that pull through into advertising creative. As attractions evolve to cater to a diverse audience, the child-free Seeker conversion becomes not just a strategic necessity but a pathway to sustained growth and success.

To download a complimentary copy of Watauga’s 2024 Attraction Visitor Report and view an interactive visualization of the research data, please visit https://wataugagroup.com/attraction-visitor-report.

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