Media Research & Analytics gets to the core of who you are and how to best communicate with your target audience.  The more you understand about your audience, what they do and how they use media, the easier it is to deliver your message through the clutter.


Media Research can help us understand how consumers use the media. When defining your target audience, we create segments based on the data to create small pockets of consumers that you can own with your message.  The better you understand your target audience, the more likely you are to convert those consumers to your brand. 


To stay ahead of your competition, you have to know what they are doing.  We examine your competitors website, current ads in the marketplace, social activity, and spending.  We then look at current industry trends in relation to the what your competition is doing to find the holes in their strategy that can be capitalized upon.


Knowing what your competitors are doing to promote their products or services can be valuable when trying to attain market share.  We look at the media channels, how much is being spent, what the messaging looks like, and when the competition is using the media to inform our strategy for each client. 


Our extensive knowledge of Analytics helps bring the results of your media plan to life.  We provide weekly and monthly reports to optimize your plan for the best results as well as to show you your return on ad spend, brand recognition, and consumer engagement.

Are you leveraging data to target and optimize your media?

First party and third party data contain valuable information to increase your reach to the target audience and deliver on your objectives.  Are you using this data correctly?
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