Programmatic Digital Out-of-home

Programmatic digital out of home (pDOOH) advertising has revolutionized the way brands deliver their messages to audiences through digital billboards and screens. Watauga Group recently shared an article about pDOOH which is the automated buying, selling and delivery of out of home advertising. Venue types can be classified in many types including digital billboards, place-based (i.e., restaurants/bars, entertainment, education, healthcare, gas stations, retail, etc.), street furniture and transit.

By leveraging data and real-time targeting, pDOOH enables advertisers to reach specific audiences based on consumer behavior and movement patterns. For Outdoor Recreation brands and Attractions, pDOOH presents a unique opportunity to upgrade their out of home media strategy and deliver highly relevant messaging.

Weather Triggered Targeting

One particularly valuable feature of pDOOH is the ability to incorporate weather triggers into ad delivery, similar to other programmatic channels like OTT, Display Banners, and Digital Video. By harnessing advanced technology and weather data signals down to the ZIP code level, advertisers can create highly personalized and contextually relevant ads that resonate with consumers at the exact moment they encounter them in out-of-home environments.

For Outdoor Recreation and Attractions, weather-triggered delivery in pDOOH opens up exciting possibilities for tailoring ads based on current weather conditions. Here are a few examples of how different businesses in this industry can utilize this capability:

  1. Water Parks: A water park can optimize its pDOOH campaigns by running ads only on days with a low chance of rain and above a certain temperature. By setting budgets to increase on beautiful days, they can capture more impressions and adjust spending on days with less-than-optimal weather. The messaging can be aligned to the current or forecasted weather offering the option to focus on promoting season pass sales, enticing visitors to take advantage of the upcoming sunny days, or promoting an upcoming event.
  2. Outdoor Clothing Brands: An outdoor clothing brand can dynamically advertise rain gear when the forecast calls for rain and switch to promoting sun hats when sunny days are expected. The ad delivery automatically updates based on predetermined weather condition parameters set up in the campaign. This enables the brand to showcase products that are relevant to the current weather, increasing the likelihood of driving sales.
  3. Ski Resorts: Ski resorts can utilize weather-triggered pDOOH to promote their offerings based on snowfall conditions. When fresh snow is forecasted, they can deliver ads highlighting the ideal skiing conditions and lift ticket discounts. On warmer days or during periods with less snow, the messaging can shift towards other activities available at the resort, such as spa services or indoor attractions.

Watauga Group has executed weather triggered out-of-home and other programmatic campaigns for clients such as Dollywood, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and Visit Panama City Beach. By leveraging weather signals in pDOOH, Outdoor Recreation brands and Attractions can enhance their advertising strategy and deliver highly targeted messaging to potential customers. This level of personalization allows them to seize opportunities presented by specific weather conditions and tailor their messaging accordingly.

Higher impact and efficiency

The combination of programmatic capabilities and weather-triggered delivery in pDOOH offers immense potential for Outdoor Recreation brands and Attractions to engage their target audiences in a meaningful way. By harnessing the power of data and real-time targeting, advertisers can ensure that their messages are not only displayed on relevant screens but are also contextually aligned with the current weather conditions. This innovative approach enables brands to capture the attention of consumers precisely when they are most receptive, resulting in effective and impactful advertising campaigns.

In addition to the benefits of highly targeted and contextually relevant messaging, leveraging weather-triggered pDOOH also helps Outdoor Recreation brands and Attractions make their media dollars work harder. By automatically adjusting spend based on weather conditions, advertisers can optimize their budgets and allocate more resources during peak periods while minimizing expenses during less favorable weather. This level of flexibility and efficiency allows brands to make the most of their media budgets.

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