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We’ll bring our media planing and buying expertise and years of experience to help bring your ideas to life.




Media Planning

As media agnostic strategists with first in class tools, we plan based on client goals not spots and dots

Media Strategy & Research

We spend more than $100k per year on the best in tools like MRI, PRIZM, and Media Audit

Media Buying

Our buyers average over 23+ years of experience and use Media Ocean, the largest buying system in the world


Overseen by a PhD, our team creates custom live reports that allow more flexibility than standard dashboards



We integrate state of the art tools like DoubleClick & Spot Genie with Media Ocean for efficiency and accuracy

OOH: Where Traditional Intersects Innovation

As planning season for many clients and agencies is well under-way, the chatter of the “perfect media mix” overtakes most strategy meetings. But what pieces are decisively interlocked to create this complex puzzle that is the media plan? Television for the broad reach...

Ad Blockers – an opportunity or a threat?

With the rise of U.S. internet users paying for ad blockers – currently at 26% and projected to grow to 30% in 2018, the impact to advertising could be jarring; Juniper Research predicted ad-blocking could cost publishers $27 billion in lost ad revenue by 2020...

SnapChat Develops Private Marketplace which may help Sell Ads

While Snapchat may not be the right audience for every advertiser they are taking big steps to help more brands and advertisers find value with reaching their audience when it comes to advertising. To do so, SnapChat is implementing the Private Market Place. The...
OTT Subscribers Data

Over The Top or OTT Users are now Outnumbering Cable Users!

In the evolving world of streaming video, many acronyms are currently in use. OTT (Over The Top), CTV, Cross Platform Streaming Video, and Extension of TV are all terms applying to any tv that is not being viewed via cable or broadcast. 78% of all US Households are...